In the meeting of 26 October 2023, the Foundation Council approved the new Social Security Regulation, which will come into force on 01.01.2024.

In the "Regulations" section of our website you can find the new regulation, as well as a detailed summary of the changes made.


For additional information please contact your FTP Administrator.




The procedure for the election of the Foundation Board for the four-year period 2024-2027 has been completed and is composed as follows:


On behalf of employees:

- Ilaria Caldelari Panzeri

- Laurent Frésard

- Sandro Allegri


On behalf of employers:

- Marco Bernasconi

- Antoine Turner

- Stefano Malingamba


The renewal procedure of the Council will be completed in the first session of January 2024 with the entry into office of the new member and the appointment of the President and Vice President from within the Council.




The Foundation Board approved the 2022 Annual Report on 25.05.2023.


The 2022 has been a particularly challenging year for all players in the pension sector. The financial situation of pension institutions has deteriorated due to the persistent turbulence on the financial markets. Despite the general difficulties, the Fondazione Ticinese per il secondo pilastro was able to contain the losses, managing once again to distinguish itself for its solidity and resilience.


The global coverage ratio of 106.11% (as of 31.12.2022), although slightly decreasing compared to 109.44% of the previous year, attests to the financial solidity of FTP.


The growth phase for the foundation also continued in 2022, with a positive evolution both in terms of active insured persons (+8%) as well as the balance sheet sum, which exceeded CHF 230 million for the first time. In particular, the integration of all the activities of the Proedil pension foundation, an important local entity which has decided to join forces with FTP,  was successfully completed.


At the end of 2022, 248 employers were affiliated with FTP, for a total of 2'422 active insured persons.


You will be able to find the 2022 annual report with all the details in the "Accounts" section of our website.





The past year has been particularly challenging for everyone.


The financial situation of the institutionspension provision has deteriorated due to the persistent turbulence in the financial markets. In this difficult context, the Fondazione Ticinese per il seocndo pilastro was able to significantly contain its losses, managing once again aimed at distinguishing itself for its solidity and resilience. FTP is pleased to confirm that its coverage ratio is well above 100%.


The FTP has decided to remunerate retirement savings with 1% interest for 2022.


The remuneration is applied to all assets, LPP mandatory ones, non-obligatory ones, as well as optional payments made.


FTP policyholders can thus also benefit from the non-obligatory part and the optional payments made from remuneration conditions that are stable over time, balanced and in line with as prescribed by the Federal Council for the LPP part.




A core focus of FTP has always been environmental, economic and social responsibility. Its affiliates include many non-profit and charitable associations and foundations, as well as important players in the field of education.


In autumn 2021, the Board appointed an external specialised firm to conduct an independent survey of the Foundation's current financial portfolio in order to assess the sustainability principles applied by our external counterparts (asset 

managers, investment foundations and investment funds) and the sustainability principles currently implemented in the FTP portfolio.


Further information about sustainability can be found in a new dedicated section on the FTP website:, and in the annual report, which you can find in the "Accounts" section of our website.




The Foundation Council approved the 2021 Annual Report on 24.05.2022.


The Foundation's investment portfolio recorded a positive performance (+4.8%). The overall coverage ratio increased from 106.99% (31.12.2020) to 109.44% (31.12.2021).


FTP continued to grow in 2021, both in terms of the number of active members (+4.6%) and funds managed (+7.6%). In 2021, FTP signed a cooperation agreement with another pension institution operating in Ticino, which will result in FTP taking over the management of the latter's insured members at the beginning of 2022. The deal, which will allow FTP to grow by 10% and consolidate its presence in the region, provides further confirmation of FTP's recognition as an important and reliable partner.


At the end of 2021, 264 employers with a total of 2,243 active members were affiliated to FTP.


FTP has a very favourable demographic structure, with 11 active members for every pensioner and an average age of 41.8 years for active members.


You can find the 2021 Annual Report containing all the details in the "Accounts" section of our website.






For the year 2023, wages subject to BVG are:

The BVG remuneration rate is 1%.