A core focus of FTP has always been environmental, economic and social responsibility. Its affiliates include many non-profit and charitable associations and foundations, as well as important players in the field of education.

In autumn 2021, the Board appointed an external specialised firm to conduct an independent survey of the Foundation's current financial portfolio in order to assess the sustainability principles applied by our external counterparts (asset 

managers, investment foundations and investment funds) and the sustainability principles currently implemented in the FTP portfolio.

Further information about sustainability can be found in a new dedicated section on the FTP website:, and in the annual report, which you can find in the "Accounts" section of our website.


The Foundation Council approved the 2021 Annual Report on 24.05.2022.

The Foundation's investment portfolio recorded a positive performance (+4.8%). The overall coverage ratio increased from 106.99% (31.12.2020) to 109.44% (31.12.2021).

FTP continued to grow in 2021, both in terms of the number of active members (+4.6%) and funds managed (+7.6%). In 2021, FTP signed a cooperation agreement with another pension institution operating in Ticino, which will result in FTP taking over the management of the latter's insured members at the beginning of 2022. The deal, which will allow FTP to grow by 10% and consolidate its presence in the region, provides further confirmation of FTP's recognition as an important and reliable partner.

At the end of 2021, 264 employers with a total of 2,243 active members were affiliated to FTP.

FTP has a very favourable demographic structure, with 11 active members for every pensioner and an average age of 41.8 years for active members.

You can find the 2021 Annual Report containing all the details in the "Accounts" section of our website.


At its meeting of 14 December 2021, the Foundation Council approved the new Pension Regulations, which will come into effect on 1 January 2021. In the “Regulations” section of our website, you can find the new regulations as well as a detailed summary of the changes made. Please contact your FTP Administrator for further information.


At its meeting on 25 May 2021, the Foundation Council approved the 2020 Annual Report.

In a year marked by COVID-19, where the pace was dictated by the pandemic, FTP demonstrated its soundness and reliability, both in terms of investment results and service to affiliates and insured members.

The positive investment performance (+2.70%), mainly due to the good performance of the equity segment, resulted in
an increase in the coverage ratio from 106.50% (31.12.2019) to 106.99% (31.12.2020).

FTP continued to grow in 2020, both in terms of the number of active members (+3.1%) and funds managed (+7.7%). At the
end of 2020, 251 employers with a total of 2,145 active 

members were affiliated to FTP.

The fund’s demographic structure remains very favourable, with a ratio of pension recipients to active members of 1 to
11. The valuation parameters for balance sheet liabilities are conservative: the pension capital is valued using an average actuarial interest rate of 0.55% and generational technical bases.

FTP maintains a more defensive risk profile compared to other Swiss pension funds.

You can find the 2020 Annual Report containing all the details in the "Accounts" section of our website.


At its meeting of 20 October 2020, the Foundation Council approved the new Pension Regulations, which will come into effect on 1 January 2021. In the “Regulations” section of our website, you can find the new regulations as well as a detailed summary of the changes made. Please contact your FTP
Administrator for further information.


The Board of the Foundation has decided to adjust the conversion rates as of 01.01.2021, which for the first band of the Layer system will gradually transition over the next four years from 6% to 5.4%. With respect to other Pension Funds, even after the adjustment, the FTP conversion rates will still
be higher than the Swiss average. You can find the new "Annex 1” to the Pension Regulations, with all of the pension conversion rate tables, in the “Regulations” section of our website.


The lawyer Ilaria Caldelari Panzeri is now the new
chairperson of the Fondazione Ticinese per il secondo pilastro. The appointment took place in today’s session of the foundation council. Ilaria Caldelari Panzeri replaces theoutgoing chairperson Fausto Leidi, who decided to step down after more than two decades at the helm of the Foundation. The Vice Chairperson has been reconfirmed as Marco Bernasconi. The economist Antoine Turner, professor Laurent Frésard, engineer Stefano Malingamba and lawyer Davor Vadlja are now members of the new foundation council.Ilaria Caldelari Panzeri graduated in law at the University of Zurich. After obtaining her licence to practice law, she spentfive years as cantonal secretary for the CATEF (Ticino Chamber of Commerce for Land Management). She then practiced law until 2001, when she was nominated Director of the Pension Fund of Lugano. In 2018, after 17 years in this role, duringwhich she completed some key development projects, she established and started – in her capacity as managing director – an anonymous real-estate management company owned by the same pension fund. She currently provides consultationservices for the legal and real-estate sector.The Foundation bodies would like to express their sincere thanks to the outgoing chairperson Fausto Leidi, as well as the outgoing board members Albino Zgraggen and Werner Carobbio, for their complete dedication and strong
commitment, and the tremendous expertise with which they worked in the interest of the Foundation, its insured members and its affiliates.


The Foundation Board election and renewal process is nowcomplete and its composition for the four-year period from 2020 to 2023 will bethe following:Representing employees:- Ilaria Caldelari Panzeri - Laurent Fresard- Davor VadljaRepresenting employers:- Marco Bernasconi - Antoine Turner- Stefano MalingambaThe council’s renewal procedure will be completed in the first session in January 2020 with the new members taking office and the internal appointment of the chairperson and vice chairperson.

For the year 2023, wages subject to BVG are:

The BVG remuneration rate is 1%.