The purpose of the Fondazione Ticinese per il secondo pilastro is to provide occupational

pension schemes for companies and employers operating in the Canton of Ticino

as well as in the rest of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

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Organisational profile

The Fondazione Ticinese per il secondo pilastro has been part of the local scene since 1983. We operate in the Canton of Ticino, with our headquarters in Lugano. Our non-profit company brings its expertise and professionalism to bear on capital management, with a particular focus on the Ticino economy. A growing number of affiliates reflects the merits of our service. Tangible benefits include stable trust fund returns and service provision, calling on the aid of the insurance sector. We particularly serve small enterprises (including sole traders) and medium-size enterprises or public bodies as well as voluntary associations and training institutions.




At its meeting of 26 November 2023, the Foundation Council approved the new Pension Regulations, which will come into effect on 1 January 2024. Find out more...



The new foundation council has been elected for the four-year period 2024-2027. Find out more...



The Foundation Council approved the 2022 Annual Report.

The 2022 has been a particularly challenging year for all players in the pension sector.

The financial situation of pension institutions has deteriorated due to the persistent turbulence on the financial markets. The coverage ratio as of 31.12.022 of 106.11% attests to FTP success in confirming its solidity and resilience. Find out more...



Despite the challenging year,  FTP coverage ratio as of 31.12.2022 remains well above 100%.

FTP insureds benefit from a remuneration rate for 2022 of 1% on all assets, even extra-mandatory ones. Find out more...



FTP website: creation of a section dedicated to the sustainability of investments. Find out more...



The Foundation Council approved the 2021 Annual Report.

In 2021, as in previous years, the Fondazione Ticinese per il Secondo Pilastro continued its positive trend, both in terms of financial results and the institution's solidity and growth.  Find out more...