The purpose of the Ticino Foundation for the Second Pillar is to provide occupational

pension schemes for companies and employers operating in the Canton of Ticino

as well as in the rest of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

091 922 20 24

Organisational profile

The Ticino Foundation for the Second Pillar has been part of the local scene since 1984. We operate in the Canton of Ticino, with our headquarters in Lugano. Our non-profit company brings its expertise and professionalism to bear on capital management, with a particular focus on the Ticino economy. A growing number of affiliates reflects the merits of our service. Tangible benefits include stable trust fund returns and service provision, calling on the aid of the insurance sector. We particularly serve small enterprises (including sole traders) and medium-size enterprises or public bodies as well as voluntary associations and training institutions.



During the meeting held on 19th September 2018 the Board of Foundation approved the interim accounts to the 30.06.18. Find out more...


Please be informed that from 1 September 2018 our offices will be transferred from Mendrisio to Lugano. Find out more...


During its meeting of 8 May 2018, the Foundation Board approved the 2017 accounts. These closed with a coverage ratio under Article 44(1) BVV2 of  102.04% (2016: 101.62%). Find out more...


The FTP's Foundation Board officially endorsed the appointment of Ronald Ogna as a new Foundation Director. Find out more...

December 2017

The Federal Council decided that the BVG minimum rate of remuneration will be 1.00% from 1.1.2018. Find out more...