38 years of reliability

FTP in brief

For multiple decades, we have worked with commitment and skill to offer optimum pension options to over 250 affiliated companies. A summary of the main facts and figures is given below (as of 31.12.2020).

Foundation: The Foundation's Memorandum of Association dated 25.02.1983

Services: Retirement provision based on a defined contribution plan

Headquarters: Via Peri 6 6901 Lugano

Number of active policyholders: 2'145

Number of pension recipients: 199

Affiliated companies: 251

Balance-sheet total: CHF 206 million

Partners: 5

Coverage ratio (Article 44(1) BVV2): 106.99%

Financial coverage ratio: 109.81%

Average technical rate: 0.55%

2020 performance: +2.70%


Sponsors and Founders: 

Ticino Industry Association;

Canton of Ticino Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Craft;

Canton of Ticino Employment Chamber;

Ticino Social Christian Organisation.

The Foundation was set up in 1983 to allow companies and employees in Ticino to set up occupational pension schemes (Second Pillar) through a body with its headquarters and decision-making centre in Ticino. 

The Foundation was able to count on institutional support to guarantee a form of joint management that genuinely represents local interests. One important goal for the Foundation was to manage capital saved in pension schemes with the local economy in mind. 

A study performed by the Economic Research Office showed that many pension funds were invested on the other side of the Alps following the introduction of the Second Pillar requirement: the major pension foundations were and are based in Zürich, Basel, Geneva and Bern.

The Ticino Foundation meet its needs within the financial and social sectors of the Canton. As far as ownership is concerned, over the years the founders have given way to employees with direct involvement. 

The long-standing competition and new rivals in the shape of big banking and insurance groups have proved aggressive and significant hurdles have had to be overcome. Nowadays the Ticino Foundation for the Second Pillar is a body with more than 35 years of experience with a Board of Directors that is completely independent of banks and insurance companies. It has new large offices in Lugano. It may be small compared to the giants, but it is lively, efficient and works effectively to serve its affiliates. 

Its collective agreement allows considerable cost-cutting. It offers its services to more than 260 affiliated companies and all their employees.

Its affiliates include industrial, craft and service sector companies, associations and other municipal and cantonal bodies, including Università della Svizzera Italiana , SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland) and some


It has amassed a savings fund that is administered with a focus on the economy of our Canton.

Organisation chart

Foundation Board:

Chair: Ilaria Caldelari Panzeri

Deputy Chair: Marco Bernasconi

Member: Antoine Turner

Member: Davor Vadlja

Member: Laurent Frésard 

Member: Stefano Malingamba 


Ronald Ogna (Director)

Michela Stefanizzi (Affiliate Management)

Arianna Pereira Gabriel (Affiliate Management)

Marica Tognalli Cadoni (Management of the disabled, retired persons and benefits)

Cristina Zambardino (Accounting Sector)