• A host of pension scheme options that consider the specificities of each company or entity (size, type of activity, staff, etc.)
  • Direct access to Foundation managers


  • Quality IT system
  • Service tailored to customers
  • Great administrative flexibility
  • Simple and understandable documents


  • Payment of premiums throughout the year instead of annualpayment in advance = considerable gains in terms of interest and greater
    flexibility for the company
  • Low administrative costs: 0.5% of announced salaries
  • Reduction in insurance costs extended to all affiliates
  • Attractive conversion rates


  • Decision-making and operating centre in Ticino (Lugano)
  • Joint fund administration
  • Reinsurance with La Mobiliare Assicurazioni, Nyon
  • Fund management at UBS, Credit Suisse and ZKB
  • Conservative investment strategy